At Brighton Health Clinic for Kids, our experienced paediatricians and professional allied health staff offer a high standard of patient focused healthcare delivered with empathy and respect.

Combining years of experience our inter-referral system means we encompass a wide range of clinical multidisciplinary team services in one location.


Dedicated Team

Our team consists of carefully selected highly skilled paediatric specialists and allied health professionals, experienced paediatric nurses who all excel in their respective fields and work seamlessly together sharing our vision to deliver all-inclusive paediatric treatments in a friendly, supportive and safe environment.

To deliver excellent quality medical care to all of our patients.
To focus on building strong doctor-patient relationships, with families having easy access to our health professionals.

Comprising of several consulting rooms imaginatively-themed to create a calming, comforting atmosphere for children, our clinic aims to provide a great service to our patients and to create a positive place for our staff to work.

We have purpose-built a unique sensory quiet playroom with a soothing ambience.

There is a pleasant natural sunlit area used as a boardroom where individual families or groups of parents can meet and discuss their children’s needs in a MDT setting. The spacious seminar area will be used as a medical educational centre for all health professionals and families.

Our goal is to be a local educational hub, sharing our medical knowledge and resources to empower our local community of medical professionals. We will hold quarterly paediatric education updates where GPs can discuss challenging cases and explore more about paediatric conditions as part of their ongoing professional development.

We will also run regular seminars for parents on numerous conditions affecting children, including first aid. When parents are emotionally well supported, educated and confident, they can advocate best for their child and help achieve their optimum health goals.

Some of our Doctors/Specialists & Allied Health Practitioners

Peter Wilson - Clinical and Educational Psychologist - brighton health clinic For kids

Peter Wilson


Peter is a Clinical and Educational - Developmental Psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in developmental, educational and mental health in children, adolescents and adults. Peter adopts a range of eclectic interventions underpinned in cognitive behavioural and Schema approaches.

Amelia McDonald - Occupational Therapist

Amelia McDonald

Occupational Therapist

Amelia is a remarkable occupational therapist; she is incredible at building repour with the children. She has an extensive background in lifesaving and has done this from a very early age.

Nicole Bando

Nicole Bando

Dietitian and Lactation Consultant

Nicole is a specialist Paediatric and Women’s Health Dietitian and Lactation Consultant, with an interest in infant to adolescent feeding issues and women’s nutrition. She employs a holistic and evidence-based approach, with a strong focus on sustainable nutrition and feeding advice to support optimal health and growth which can be integrated into a family’s lifestyle.

Aisling Jordan - Occupational Therapist

Aisling Jordan

Occupational Therapist

Aisling is an incredible occupational therapist who has extensive experience as an audiologist. Aisling loves helping children with sensory processing challenges.