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Dear families and parents,

As COVID-19 now encompasses our daily lives, we are committed to providing and maintaining a working environment which minimizes risks to the health of all and transmission to the community.

Taking into consideration the advice from the Australian Government we have implemented several preventive measures and protocols designed to simultaneously limit the risk of spreading the virus and ensuring we can continue to support our patients appropriately.

Therefore, we now provide to the families and our patients the option to move from face to face consulting to a telehealth/telephone consultation platform for all our clinics and clinicians.

This will allow us to continue providing care to your child’s needs whilst reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

We are committed to helping patients reduce their financial load during this difficult time and as such we have implemented new discounted consultation rates and made available bulk-billing for Telehealth services provided to eligible patients.

We deeply encourage patients to contact us for the most up to date information as the situation is constantly evolving.

For further information or appointments please contact reception on (03) 9108 7809 or at


On behalf of

Brighton Health Clinic for Kids Team

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Comprehensive Paediatric Services at a Single Location

Our team consists of carefully selected highly skilled paediatric specialists and allied health professionals, experienced paediatric nurses who all excel in their respective fields and work seamlessly together sharing our vision to deliver all-inclusive paediatric treatments in a friendly, supportive and safe environment.

Highly Skilled Specialists

Our team consists of carefully selected highly skilled paediatric specialists and allied health professionals.

Child Friendly Clinic

Consulting rooms that are imaginatively-themed to create a calming, comforting atmsphere for children.

Local Educational Hub

A local educational hub, sharing our medical knowledge and resources to empower out local community of medical professionals.

Qualified Doctors

Team of Doctors qualified in variety of fields are here to help and assist your child’s health issues.

Brighton Health Care for Kids

At Brighton Health Clinic for Kids, our experienced paediatricians and professional allied health staff work together and share our vision to manage a wide range of clinical problems as a multidisciplinary team in one location. Our team consists of 17 clinicians and continues to grow.  We have general paediatric clinics and MDT clinics such as unsettled baby clinics, weight management clinics and ASD assessment clinics.

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Dr Livia Rivera-Woll

Dr Livia Rivera-Woll

Specialist Endocrinologist

Dr Livia Rivera-Woll is a consultant endocrinologist with a special interest in the management of type 1 diabetes in young adults as well as adolescents transitioning into adult care.

Dr Melinda Glover

Dr Melinda Glover

General Paediatrician

Dr Melinda glover is a committed and passionate doctor who thrives on the challenges that general paediatrics creates.

Dr Barry Kras

Dr Barry Kras

General Paediatric

Dr. Barry Kras's areas of interest include ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated Developmental and Behavioural problems and participates in Multi-Disciplinary assessments of children and adolescents with these issues.

Dr James Mulvany

Dr James Mulvany

General Paediatrician

James graduated from University College Dublin, Ireland, in 2007 and obtained membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics of Child Health in London (MRCPCH) in 2011.

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You will find many answers to common questions about our clinic. Please take your time to review some of the questions here that may apply to you.

In some cases yes, you would need to have a doctors referral to make an appointment. But, please complete the online appointment form and someone from our office will call you to talk with about your needs.

A referral provides information about you and your condition so that our specialists:

  • are aware of relevant background information
  • know exactly what they are being asked to do

A referral is also used to indicate that the consultation or test you’re being referred for is clinically important, and that Medicare should cover at least part of the cost.

Most referrals from general practitioners to specialists are limited to 12 months. Referrals from specialists and consultant physicians to other specialists are limited to 3 months unless the patient is admitted to hospital.

Ask your general practitioner or doctor to write you a referral.

You can choose the individual specialist you want to be referred to or ask your doctor to recommend someone. The doctor can address it to a particular person or make a general referral without using the name of the specialist (for example, addressing it to “Dear psychiatrist”.)

If your regular GP knows you well, they might be happy to provide a referral without seeing you in person.

But in general, it is better to make an appointment to get a referral. That way, you are more likely to have the referral contain the sort of information you want it to.

Our specialists will still be able to see you however Medicare will not cover any costs if you visit without a referral.

Referrals to our allied health professionals are not necessary but as mentioned earlier, you will not be able to attract a Medicare rebate.

Referrals for allied health professionals differ from specialists and depending on the service you are after you may need to acquire a “Mental Health Plan” or “Care Plan” from your GP. Please contact one of our friendly staff to enquire about the specific referral you will need to see your required allied health professional.

Brighton Health Clinic for Kids is located in the busy location of Bay St Brighton. There on street parking available. Parking is in 259-279 Bay Street, Brighton
(access from 1 Asling Street – click for map)